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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Visionary Family Eye Care provides complete eye care to patients of all ages. Dr. Matt Aaker and our staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality care while meeting the individual needs of each patient.

Yearly comprehensive eye exams are important to maintaining the health of your eyes, regardless of your age, visual ability, or physical health.

eye_examAdults, seniors, and children should have annual eye exams in order to correct any vision issues, update prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses, prevent vision loss, and identify any early warning signs of disease. Some diseases may develop slowly without causing any pain or vision loss. Eye exams can also reveal previously undiagnosed health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Our eye exams include a series of diagnostic tests performed to evaluate your vision and ocular health, based on these key areas:

  • Visual Acuity
  • Refraction (Eyeglass Prescriptions, Contact Lens Prescriptions)
  • Eye Alignment
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Eye pressure and Glaucoma Risk Assessment
  • Dry Eye Assessment
  • Retinal Imaging for Ocular and Systemic Disease Assessment
  • Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation

Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation

Dr. Aaker specializes in difficult fits for any age including high astigmatism, bifocal, monovision, and color contact lenses. He loves to fit patients who have discontinued use due to discomfort or have been told they could not wear contact lenses. Contact lens technology and products are constantly improving to provide exceptional ocular health, comfort, and vision at all ages.

Visionary Family Eye Care features a topographer which takes a detailed map of the cornea (clear tissue on which the contact lens fits) to ensure the highest level of health, comfort, and vision with contact lens wear. All contact lens evaluations include a topography, contact lens ocular health evaluation with the slit lamp microscope, and visual analysis by Dr. Aaker. Combined with our exclusive Contact Lens Buy ‘Em Back Guarantee, we deliver an exceptional contact lens experience.